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Episode 1072: It's Nice To Have A Friend

“You should go,” Quentin said. “Keep your distance from this situation. Concentrate on making things right with your wife. Making a scene here is not going to do that. Your sister wouldn’t be happy with me if I didn’t step in and diffuse things. If it’s rough with Ava right now, come over to our house, see your niece and nephew, have dinner, just get yourself away from the drama and clear your head.”

“Some other time, okay?” Sebastian said. “I really do just need to talk to Xavier and then get back to the bookstore.”

Quentin sighed. “You’re my brother-in-law, I do care about what happens to you. I’m telling you to leave as much for your own good as for Xavier’s. I’m not taking sides here, that’s why I’m asking you politely to leave, but I can be less than polite if-”

“Everything alright here?” Xavier asked as he approached and set down a large cardboard box he’d carried from some storeroom.

“Sebastian stopped in to say hello to me since he was in the neighborhood,” Quentin said, “but he can’t stay, he has somewhere else to be. You have other things to be doing, too, right Xavier? That box needs-”

“I’m on it,” Xavier said, once more picking up the box. “Just thought I’d check in since you were looking kind of intense and I know how this guy and his family can be. But if everything’s good, I’ll get back to work, no problem. Xavier managed all of two steps before Sebastian threw away Quentin’s efforts to keep the peace.

“Could I talk to you for a second Xavier?” Quentin stepped into the divide between the two men. “Xavier, you have work. Sebastian just go, don’t make trouble.”

“I’m trying to stop more trouble from happening if Xavier would just hear me out.”

“I’ve experienced your kind of friendship, I don’t need any more of that.”

“He’s not buying whatever you’re selling,” Quentin said. “So just please walk away.”

“Avalon, she’s well, fine, I’ll say it, she’s barely talking to me, she thinks I’m horrible, she thinks I asked my mother to pay you off and I can’t convince her otherwise. I had nothing to do with it. I swear. But she won’t believe me. I had no idea my mother was doing that, it’s the honest truth. I do know now that my mom thinks we could set you up to look like you are the one behind the whole scheme.”

Xavier and Quentin swore.

“I told her no. Would I say that if I had been behind this? Maybe she really could have pinned it on you and I’d be off the hook. But I told her no. Would I have done that, would I warn you that it had been a possibility if I wasn’t innocent in all this? I’m telling the truth and if you back me up on it, maybe Ava will finally believe me. If you really are only interested in friendship with Ava, then you should actually care enough to not let her throw away her marriage based on something that isn’t true. You should actually be her friend in this.”

Episode 1073: Respect

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