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Episode 107: Lost Horizons

The message did not sound good. He had to find her. It just didn’t sound good. She took everything too seriously, he knew blowing off dinner would be trouble. It was too late now. Back to the same old groveling he went. The message hadn’t sounded good.

Sebastian peered in through the dark windows. The market was locked up tight; he was about to walk away when he spotted Bowie coming from around the corner. "What’s going on, did you finally go under?"

Bowie scowled at him and shouldered him out of the way, testing the doors of the market to make sure everything was secure. "Shouldn’t you be with Ava right now?" He spat out finally.

"Yeah well," Bas replied backing up a little, it suddenly occurred to him that possibly Avalon told her friend that he stood her up last night, and he hadn’t proven to be particularly pleasant at the best of times. "Normally she’s working but since you’ve gone belly up I guess she’s probably at the library or something, if you could give me a hint that would be cool, I really need to talk to her- my um, cousin got into some trouble last ni-"

"What?" Bowie couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

Sebastian ran a hand over his mouth to stall for time. "Um, my cousin, he’s you know one of those troubled teens and I told him to call me anytime he-"

"I don’t want to hear any of your bull right now, and I know Ava won’t want to," Bowie said trying to keep his emotions in check for her sake if nothing else. He started to step off the sidewalk, to move across the empty parking lot.

Bas followed him. "C’mon, you’re a guy, we make mistakes, alright there wasn’t any cousin but, it shouldn’t be that big a deal, you back me up with Avalon, and I can help you out with Lila. So just tell me where Ava is and whenever you want I-"

Bowie stopped, plaintively rocking on his feet. "If this was you and anyone else it would almost be funny how stupid you are, I mean everything happens to you in such a big way doesn’t it? Nothing but the royallest of screw-ups for you, huh?"

"I don’t even know what you’re talking about and I’m running short on time here,"

Bowie took in a breath and slapped Sebastian on the back. "Congratulations, you’re officially the world’s worst boyfriend; her mother died last night."

Episode 108: You Know It All

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