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Episode 1068: False God

“Forget about a future here, you need to get away from this job now, Tansy,” Adria insisted. “You aren’t going to learn anything positive from him. The sooner you stop drinking in his poison, the better. I can’t believe your parents have been okay with this, clearly they’ve lost their mind, and clearly I did, too, I mean seriously how stupid could I have been to trust you, Dad? You’ve certainly never given me a reason to.”

“Adria.” Phillip placed a hand on her trembling shoulder. “I have no idea what’s gotten into you, what you suddenly think I’ve done. Perhaps we could talk through the issue privately and more importantly, rationally.”

“You don’t operate rationally, Dad. Rational people aren’t constantly trying to manipulate, punish, or avenge perceived slights.”

“Rational people also don’t walk into a room already mid-argument,” he countered. “So apparently we both have things to work on, although as I’ve already stated I honestly don’t know what has lit this fire under you, to my knowledge I haven’t recently done any manipulating, punishing or avenging.”

“Well then, let me enlighten you,” Adria said, “and better still let me enlighten Tansy. If she believes you’re some sweetheart of a-”

“Let’s please discuss this between just you and I. If there’s validity to it then by all means shout it to the rooftops what a villain I am, but do so after we’ve talked. If you are indeed a better person than you think I am, allow me the opportunity to speak in my defense before you just convict me. Tansy, would you mind taking Walter for a walk so your Aunt and I can talk?”

“Only if you promise to tell me what’s going on later,” Tansy said. “If you’re up to things I deserve to know it. I promised mom and dad that if you did anything shady, I’d-”

“There’s nothing you need to concern yourself with Tansy. I’m sure it’s just a misunderstanding.”

“I’ll fill you in later, Tansy,” Adria promised. “Unlike certain other people you can trust me. And I’m going to talk to your parents, too, remind Justine who our father is.”

“Of late, Justine has met regularly with me for coffee and even occasionally lunch,” Phillip noted. “Did it ever occur to you that maybe you’re the one who doesn’t know who I am anymore?”

“Fine, let’s talk, let’s see if you can sell me a bridge in Brooklyn.”

Phillip merely shook his head waiting to say anything more until after Tansy leashed the dog and received an offer of employment at the theater.

Alone with his daughter, he said, “I don’t appreciate you undermining me in front of Tansy. I’ve done a great deal of work to improve her opinion of me. It would be nice if you didn’t barge in to jeopardize that. Not to mention I value her as an employee and you just tried to steal her away from this company. And what would she get in return for that? Some dead end job at a theater giving her none of the life skills she needs?”

“What she would get is away from you,” Adria said. “There is no more valuable life skill than that.”

Episode 1069: I Think He Knows

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