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Episode 1067: Handle With Care

Phillip carried over the stack of files for his granddaughter to go through. Tansy was set up on the sofa in Phillip’s office with Walter curled up beside her.

Phillip had gradually given Tansy more and more responsibility and increasingly asked for Tansy’s input at his company. Not that he was actually letting a teenager steer his conglomerate, he and his highest level employees were still the ones in charge. It just felt good to include his granddaughter, to see her becoming more and more invested in his work and maybe hope that someday she’d change her mind about a career in philanthropy and instead take a place alongside him as he’d once envisioned her mother doing.

He knew that was probably a pipe dream, Tansy was headstrong, she’d ultimately do whatever she wanted with her life, manipulation didn’t work on her. All the more reason she’d be an asset in the business world if she opted to go in that direction.

“That’s so many files,” Tansy noted.

“I don’t expect you to get through them all this afternoon. Take your time to get it done right. And take a moment to eat your pretzel first, Walter’s being very patient waiting to have the last bite.”

“Okay, I just, you’re sure someone more qualified shouldn’t be looking at this, I’m just-”

“Perfect for the task, I want fresh eyes on this, once you’ve given your opinion of course I intend to move this up the ladder where it belongs, but if I’m going to stay relevant in this business I need to be open to what other generations have to say, right?”

“Absolutely. That’s a way better attitude than I would have given you credit for having, Grandpa. This is another one of those moments where it seems like maybe I’m having a good influence on you.”

Phillip smiled. “Think of the wonders you could do for this company if you made a career of working alongside-”

“That is the last thing you should do, Tansy,” Adria, Phillip’s youngest said, suddenly storming into the office.

Phillip’s secretary followed, full of apology. “Sir, your daughter is here to see you, I, well, she didn’t give me the opportunity to properly announce her and-”

“That’s alight. I’m pleased to see my daughter any chance I get.” Although Phillip would have preferred that she hadn’t entered the room by warning his granddaughter away from the career path he most wanted her on.

His secretary left them and Adria, with her arms crossed in seemingly furious fashion, said, “I’m serious, Tansy. Do not take a job with this man, he is petty and vindictive and just when you think he’s finally capable of being decent you find out otherwise.”

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