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Episode 1065: Aura

“Sorry, an issue popped up in rehearsal,” Adria said, greeting her husband with a kiss as she took the seat beside Ryley at the Italian restaurant. “I really tried to be here on time, it’s just that we’re opening soon and being an original-”

“I know, I get it, it’s really okay,” Ryley promised with his usual sincerity. “It’s not like we started eating yet. I did order for you, your favorite.”

“You’re the best,” she smiled at him, “thanks for being so understanding all the time.”

“It’s not like my hours don’t go haywire sometimes, too. So did you resolve the issue?”

“Yeah. I tweaked the script, I think it’s a cool change actually, I’ll tell you about it later. I don’t want to bore the table with shop talk when it’s your shop talk that’s meant to be in the spotlight tonight. You should be so proud of yourselves. My dad does not do unwarranted promotions. Have you ordered champagne? We totally should.”

“We already did. You’d know that if you’d been here on time,” Damita noted from her seat across the table.

Damita was basically Ryley’s work partner, they headed a team together, they had ever since Ryley had returned to Adria’s father’s fold following a stint elsewhere when Adria and her parents were rifting.

Initially Adria had wondered if her dad had been trying to punish Ryley for his defection, like maybe he was trying to put Ryley in his place by forcing him to work with a partner and in a group.

But now here they were, celebrating Ryley’s advancement. And Adria felt guilty enough running late for the occasion without Ryley’s colleague sticking a knife in about it. What was with that?

“I really did try to get here as planned,” Adria reiterated. “But the delay honestly couldn’t be helped.”

“It’s fine, really,” Ryley insisted, patting Adria’s hand. “You’re here now, that’s all that matters.”

“Sure, an issue in rehearsal, that certainly does sound like an unavoidable delay,” Damita noted, “what with having no audience to please.”

“Damita,” Ryley said.

Damita waved off the sharp note in his voice. “It’s true,” she said, “all that matters is that you are here now, Adria. So at least your husband’s achievement managed to be higher priority than celebrating your New Year’s anniversary turned out to be.”

Episode 1066: Price To Pay

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