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Episode 106: Without You

"Everything smells so good honey;" Mary smiled serenely at her daughter while rising from her seat at the kitchen table. She hated to see such a disappointed look on Ava’s face even if it did mean she was right. "I think I’ll go freshen up, maybe you could call him while I’m gone,"

"Maybe, but I’m sure he’ll be here soon," Avalon couldn’t stop her eyes from darting to the clock. It wasn’t like she hadn’t expected this. Still she’d kind of allowed herself to forget he could be that way. Disappointing was not wording enough to describe the feeling in the pit of her stomach.

His car could have broken down, or maybe there was some sort of family emergency. She dialed his number tensely. She listened to the message, and then hesitatingly spoke. "Okay I’m resigned to the fact that this is going to sound quite pathetic but... you haven’t forgotten about me have you?"

She felt like she needed a shower instead of an overdone meal. How long had it been that she’d been looking down her nose at Bowie telling him that Lila wasn’t good for him, telling him to get over her? She’d fallen into the same trap. Worse this would make her mother right, right about Sebastian and her father.

Ava knocked lightly on the bathroom door. "Mom, I think we should just have dinner without him, you know, he told me he might have to take his sister up to school," She was about to walk away when she heard her name being called very softly. She turned the doorknob.

Episode 107: Lost Horizons

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