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1059: Homemade

Phillip only had his coat half way off and the dog only just unhooked from his leash when the doorbell rang. Remembering it was a holiday and the staff had the day off, Phillip turned and answered the door.

“Oh, this is a nice surprise,” he declared and Walter clearly concurred, practically wagging his tail off as he greeted Tansy. “Come in, come in, I wasn’t expecting to see you at all today.”

Phillip gestured for his granddaughter to come in out of the cold. “I thought you’d be with family day and night, after all, it is Thanksgiving.”

“You are family. Is grandma home yet?”

“She’ll be a little while still, the clinic is often quite busy on the holidays.”

“And you were busy, too, right? Tansy asked. “I bet you just got home from the office. On Thanksgiving.” She added the last bit in a pointed tone.

“The rest of the world isn’t celebrating, so there’s plenty of work to be done. You’ll be pleased to know I made a point of having a turkey sandwich for lunch and I wasn’t entirely alone today either, Walter was with me all along. He counts as family, right?”

“He does, yeah. And the turkey sandwich is more effort than the no effort I expected. Still.” Tansy frowned then brightened. “I’m glad I thought to bring you pie. You and Grandma both. I bet she didn’t even have a turkey sandwich.” Tansy held up a brown paper bag by the handles. “When I told my other grandma about your sorry holiday situation, she let me take the last two pieces of homemade pie. It’s the best pie you’ll ever eat and now pretty much everyone there has a grudge at me over nabbing the last two, so you and grandma better appreciate it. I expect you and grandma to actually sit at a table and give thanks and at least get the holiday a little bit right.”

“We will do that, even if it doesn’t happen until midnight. Thank you for thinking of us. It isn’t something every teenager would do, especially with an estrangement in the family. Has anyone told you lately what an impressive young person you’re shaping up to be?”

“My dad, actually, just a few minutes ago. He’s not thrilled about me stopping in to see you, obviously, but he’s like it shows what a good heart I have, which, I mean, it’s nice to hear, especially now, with what I’m… Anyways.” She hugged him and Walter.

“My family’s waiting in the car. We’re going to help with one of the dinner shifts at the shelter so I need to get going. I just wanted to stop by with the pie and say Happy Thanksgiving and to tell you to try harder than a turkey sandwich for the next holiday. Eventually we’re going to get it so that you also have a home-life in addition to your work-life.”

Episode 1060: The Gift

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