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1055: No No No

“You should have come to the party, we totally missed you,” Theresa announced. She joined Tansy in a seated position on the floor as usual without waiting for an invitation.

“Did you get pictures? I sent you pictures.”

“I got them,” Tansy said. She popped a cracker into her mouth. Technically you weren’t supposed to eat in the school library but Tansy had done so every day for the past couple weeks since the weather had grown colder, too cold to spend lunch outside at the edge of the forest.

The library hadn’t been a bad alternative so far. There was a corner that hardly anyone ventured into so she’d been safe from the librarian hassling her over having lunch there.

Unfortunately it hadn’t spared her from having Theresa hassle her. Not that hassling really seemed to be her intention. At least, Tansy didn’t think so, but people could be devious, right? Theresa did seem to be trying to be friends. Always trying to partner up for studying and projects in the classes they shared. Stopping her to say hello in the hall or dropping in on lunches like this. Theresa hadn’t ever been anything less than nice.

Tansy knew she should try to be nice in return. “You both looked great.” Especially Enid. “I should have texted I guess, about the photos. Daphne looked great, too. Really cute.”

“Didn’t she though? We decided to do a whole classic Hollywood thing. Daph just barely kept her Charlie Chaplin mustache and hat on long enough to snap a picture before Enid and I left for the party. It was so much fun, you really should have come. Zero people knew who I was as Dorthy Dandridge and Enid didn’t fair much better as Audrey, still the food and music were good and there were even games that didn’t involve getting drunk. You would have liked it and I totally could have dressed you as Grace Kelly. I could have put that look together so easily with this dress I wore to a family thing last year, it’s so much like the blue one from the Oscars. It sucks that your grandpa needed you to babysit his dog instead. I mean, I get it though, some people are jerks with firecrackers, no thought to how seriously they scare some animals.”

“Uh-huh.” Actually, Tansy’s grandfather had things handled with Walter, he hadn’t needed Tansy’s help to keep the dog calm. She’d just gone over there because she hadn’t wanted to be caught in a lie about her excuse for skipping the party. Just saying that you’re not a party person rarely satisfied people. But she really wasn’t a party person. And also she really wasn’t a person who wanted to be a third wheel. Especially not a third wheel with Enid and Theresa.

Theresa wasn’t a horrible person. Tansy thought it might be nice to have her for a friend at school. It might be nice to accept one of these overtures. Except she didn’t want to be the friend of Enid’s possible girlfriend. No way. No. No. No.

Episode 1056: Think

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