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1052: She Loves Me

Xavier still looked at Avalon like he was half way in love with her. Did Ava notice that? Did she like it?

Sebastian shook his head as if that would be enough to get rid of the thought. He wasn’t supposed to feel this way anymore. Threatened. That was most definitely it. He had no reason to feel this way.

Avalon was in love with him. That was how she looked at him. She had married him and it wasn’t just because the other guy she wanted to marry had walked out on her.

They’d come a long way since she’d chosen Xavier. She’d chosen Sebastian. Every day she chose Sebastian. She chose their life together. She wanted to have a baby with him.

So why did he have to keep giving himself a pep talk over it? Why was he still so insecure when it came to Xavier that he had to constantly run down this list of ways he rated first place in Ava’s heart? Why couldn’t he get it through his thick skull that he had nothing to worry about?

He and Ava were as solid as could be.

She was smart. She was responsible. She wouldn’t have suggested having a baby with him if her feelings wavered in the slightest.

“You seem a little lost in thought. Everything okay?” Ava touched his shoulder.

“Sure, yeah, it’s just been a long night and um, I just have no clue where to put these light up pumpkins.”

“Oh, how about the cash desk? It looks kind of bare on top with the mural coming together below.”

Made of stickers, Xavier was pressing mural pieces to the front of the desk, a scene of dark rolling hill county, a haunted mansion and a plethora of bats and witches.

“Great, I’ll get right on placing the pumpkins on the desk,” Sebastian said even though the last thing he wanted was to be anywhere near Xavier.

“Okay,” Ava said. “Well, guys, I think we’re almost done. There’s just some spiderwebs to hang here and there and some ghosts I thought would look cool dangling from the ceiling. Speaking of which, there are a few other ghost themed books I thought of so I’m going to grab those while you two finish the desk. Be right back.”

She pressed a quick kiss to one side of Sebastian’s lips which he felt good about, that she would kiss him with Xavier right there, but Xavier didn’t even see it. The guy didn’t turn until Ava walked away. Xavier watched her all the way to the backroom until the door closed behind her. He watched her like he was half in love with her.

It was impossible not to be threatened by that. Impossible.

“So,” Sebastian said, carrying the pumpkins over to the cash desk where Xavier sat adding pieces to the mural. “Like Ava said, we’re pretty much done. Ava and I can finish up. Feel free to go home.”

“Actually,” Xavier rose to his full height, “Ava didn’t mention me going anywhere, yet apparently that’s twice now that you’ve decided that I’m going somewhere.”

Episode 1053: Settling Down

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