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Episode 105: Stuck In A Moment

Lila was goading him. She had a good reason. She had money for a babysitter. "God, youíre such a married man; youíre no fun at all! You donít expect us to go alone."

Sebastian was lying on the carpet studying the ceiling and listening to the sounds of Taroís Maxim flipping pages. She was aggravating the hell out of him. "Leave me alone, I just promised her Iíd go over for dinner, I havenít retired from anything, did you ever think maybe if you two were more exciting company Iíd-"

"See now I think the difference is you already got down my pants and since you donít swing the other direction, girly man over there doesnít appeal to you so that only leaves Ava, and sheís not the type who gives it up that easily is she? Wrapped around some girlís thumb, honestly," Lila was really pushing it as she snatched the magazine from Taroís hands. "What does she do, stand there patting her thighs calling here boy, here boy!"

Taro was laughing now, overflowing with laughter. "You should see when she-"

Sebastian had planted his hands underneath the chair that his best friend was sitting on and dumped it backwards. Then went back to his prone position and closed his eyes. "One more word about Ava and you can both find someone elseís life to leech off of."

Lila helped Taro up. "If you werenít scrawny as a girl he wouldnít have been able to do that to you, for that matter we wouldnít need him to get into the good clubs either. I donít know Iíve really had it with both of you, just when I get all used to foreign beer itís back to domestic I go. All this so he can go all gooey eyed holding hands; youíre both such girls."

"Personally Iím waiting for him to admit that heís a big fraud, that heís as dopey as the rest of us, thatíll be like the highlight of my life," Taro said with a smile.

Bas bolted upright. "Fine, but Iím not going to the Blu Halo I heard theyíre playing old school hair metal now, I may as well just have Avaís mother screeching at me as hear some Crue cover band."

Episode 106: Without You

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