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Episode 1045: It All Comes Out

Lila took a moment to step to the sidelines and watch everyone and everything, the jovial expressions, the servers weaving through the guests like a well-oiled machine while the string quartet she’d worked her backside off to land, they played as beautifully as Lila had anticipated.

Lila smiled, finally something in her life felt under control.

“There was a time I wouldn’t have believed it,” Katherine Marques said, sidling up next to Lila with a champagne flute in hand. “You’re actually becoming very skilled at your job. You’ve worked hard on this party and it shows. It will show in your pay as well, the amount of compliments I’ve received, you deserve a bonus.”

“Wow, thank you,” Lila replied. She knew it was going well, but for Mrs. Marques to be that effusive, it was next level.

“I also have these for you, everyone is clamoring to book your services.” Katherine handed Lila several business cards. “I do still expect to have priority placement as your top client.”

“Of course,” Lila said. “I wouldn’t have gotten on the map without you. It’s pretty amazing, I mean my career is in an unbelievably fantastic place right now.”

There must have been a giveaway in her voice because Katherine pressed a hand to Lila’s shoulder and quietly asked, “are things not fantastic in other areas?”

“It’s okay,” Lila automatically responded since it wasn’t like she and Katherine were friends. The friends she did have, Sebastian and Ava, were part of the problem and her husband wasn’t much better. She didn’t have anyone else. An aunt who’d been happy to leave her in the dust long ago. No parents. Katherine was a parent though, and no stranger to interfering when she thought it would be for the greater good. Katherine and Phillip Marques were kind of experts at that.

“It’s not okay,” Lila allowed. “It’s stressful. It’s about the donor.”

“Jesse’s donor? I didn’t realize he was in the picture. That is not ideal for Sebastian. Or you, of course, either.”

“Yeah, well, your idiot son, no offense, he does think it’s ideal, that’s how upside down his brain is right now.” Lila went on to explain everything. Sebastian’s scheme to keep his enemy closer in order to be rid of Xavier only to then seemingly not care if he stuck around forever. Jesse’s desire to reach out to the donor. Bowie wondering if maybe Xavier and Jesse should know each other. Ava undoubtedly in that camp, too.

“Well, stressful is the right word,” Katherine said. “My son is more fragile than he appears, if this blows up on him...if Avalon ends up closer to her ex because of this… And of course, this may irrevocably alter your family, too, I realize that.”

“My thoughts exactly,” Lila agreed. “Finally, a sane person.”

“I need to tend to my guests, as do you,” Katherine announced. “But I will think this through. We’ll work out a solution. We both have sons to protect.”

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