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Episode 104: I Heard A Rumor

"I love this- I love you!" Justine enthused, roaming through the upscale mall, touching cashmere sweaters and modeling hats. Quent followed behind her like a good puppy dog trying to pretend like he was enjoying himself.

"Just remember Iím not Richard Gere so donít go too crazy on me," Quentin was never one for accumulating a lot of stuff, these were the sort of places that made his skin crawl. But his sister suggested it and he decided to go with it to make Just happy, even if this wasnít really the version of her that made him happy.

Still even with this version there were moments when she would look at him and it was like that same girl who heíd impressed by fixing her car. She was the same somewhere. She whirled around, her skirt floating up the way you only see in movies. "I know this isnít your favorite thing- so thank you, this is really the sweetest."

"Iím not completely sure what water torture is, but Iíd do it to see you smile like that again, itís been awhile Justine," Quent said and she tucked in underneath his arm before she was pulled away by someone with dark helmet hair that heíd never seen before.

"Justine Marques, I thought youíd dropped off the face of the earth," she announced, kissing each of Justineís cheeks like they were in Italy or something. "This must be the guy! And whereís the little one- my goodness, if I thought the whole domestic thing would look that good on me- did the baby weight just fall off of you or what?"

Justine stood for a moment with a confused look on her face, and then briefly glanced over at her husband in his worn blue jeans and t-shirt. "Chrissie, wow, it sure has been some time, huh? When did I last see you, I guess graduation huh, or was it Cabo? Who can remember? Anyway this is my husband Quentin, Quent this is Chrissie an old friend of mine, a sorority sister," Justine paused only long enough to watch them shake hands. "Where did you hear that I had a baby?"

Quentin observed the scene with a quiet calm; he even tried to put on a smile.

Episode 105: Stuck In A Moment

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