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Episode 1035: Roar

“Let me get this straight,” Lila said clutching the edge of the table to stop herself from flying across it and throttling Sebastian. They were at a restaurant and publicly attacking someone wouldn’t be good optics for her event planning business. It probably wouldn’t be awesome for her friendship with Sebastian either.

He was making it very challenging to still consider him her friend. A friend doesn’t abandon the cause just because he got what he wanted.

“Ava thinks you’re suddenly this glorious example of manhood all because you’re pretending you’re mature and secure now, which you are absolutely not and because she’s buying into your bull she now thinks you two are ready to start a family and so you’re backing off your dimwitted plan to push Xavier out of town.”

“I’m not backing out of it, when Ava is pregnant he’ll know he’s lost her for good so he’ll probably decide to leave town which is exactly what we want. My plan will have worked like I said it would. This is good news all around, Lila, we win, Xavier loses.”

“You’re sure about that since Ava’s so impressed with your interactions with Xavier you aren’t going to be on your best behavior around the guy, you aren’t actually going to become his friend?”

“I hate the guy. You know that.”

“If it wins you points with Ava, somehow you’ll get over it. You’ll become actual friends with him for her sake and then the pair of you traitors will tell him he has a son and-”

“I’m still on your side. I’m not telling him about Jesse. Get a grip.”

“How am I supposed to get a grip? You no longer think this guy is a threat to you so what are you doing about him now? What have you done? Meanwhile, Jesse came home the other day and said he’d really like to track down his anonymous donor so it’s like icebergs dead ahead no matter which direction I turn in.”

“But you’re not listening, he still has feelings for her, he won’t want to stick around and watch her raise-”

Lila stood abruptly and threw her balled up napkin onto the table. “Maybe I just need to take matters into my own hands. If you want a job done right, do it yourself.”

Episode 1036: No One Else Comes Close

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