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Episode 1031: Don't Wanna Lose You Now

Tansy returned to her grandfatherís office following a walk with Walter. Technically this was an afternoon she didnít work for her grandfather, but on days off, if she had time before volunteering she showed up for Walter, which Phillip was glad about.

Heíd become adept enough with the dog that he didnít mind handling him on his own, in fact, Walter made a good excuse to get out of the office every once in a while and think about business without actually being in the middle of it. But he was happy to let Tansy take Walter out instead if it gave her an excuse to drop by his office when she wasnít required to be there. He didnít see his grandchild quite as often now that she was splitting her afternoons and weekends between her job with him and volunteering at both the animal shelter and the homeless shelter.

He missed having her company, she was really the only one at the office who would give him an honest opinion without fear of repercussions and he definitely wanted more opportunities to observe her, judge for himself how she fared, but he knew if he hadnít made allowances in the kidís work schedule for volunteering she may have quit altogether. So he simply had to make the most of these scraps of time with her. Goodness knew he hadnít done a great job of that with his own children, much as he thought he had back then.

She unleashed Walter and the dog barreled over to him. Phillip gave the dogís fur the scrub Walter craved while Tansy hurried to grab her backpack sheíd set on a chair earlier.

ďHey, before you run out on me,Ē Phillip started.

ďIím not running out on you, Grandpa, itís just that I have a really busy schedule. I have to get going.Ē

ďI understand that, but since I was on the phone earlier when you came in we havenít said so much as hello. How has your day been?Ē

ďFine. Itís busy. Iím busy. I really have to go. Bye, Grandpa. Bye, Walter.Ē

She was out the door before Phillip could get another word in. He frowned at the closed door. ďThat wasnít exactly illuminating, was it Walter? Who could tell if she was even in a good mood or any sort of mood at all? How am I supposed to know if itís right to let her sort things out on her own as Justine insists if I donít know whatís going on with Tansy? I am not comfortable sitting idly by like this, Iím just not.Ē

Episode 1032: Starting Over

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