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Episode 1030: Wanted

“You wanted to talk to me? About family?” Sebastian grimaced. Was family code for marriage? Is that why she was suddenly encouraging him to spend time with his parents after being totally against them? Was that so when she ditched him for Xavier he wouldn’t be alone?

“Yeah,” Ava said. “I’ve been thinking about it for awhile but I hadn’t actually put it into words with anyone until this afternoon when I went with my dad for ice cream.”

“I bet he was ready to pop open the champagne and celebrate,” Sebastian said, feeling like he wasn’t even really there, present in his body. A self-preservation instinct kicking in he supposed, a way of protecting himself from the impending blow.

“Not exactly. I mean, he wants whatever makes me happy but he wasn’t breaking out the champagne just yet.”

Sebastian perked up at that. He was pretty sure his father-in-law didn’t like him all that much but he definitely liked him more than he liked Xavier so maybe her dad would side with him, convince Ava to stay with-

“He’s concerned about it being the right time,” she said, “about us both being sure we’re ready to have a baby.”

“A baby? Us? You and me?” Honestly the baby part hadn’t fully hit him yet, he was just at the part of her wanting a baby with him meaning that she didn’t want a divorce.

“Yes, a baby, you and me, what else did you think my dad would be breaking out the champagne for?”

“Oh, uh, I thought you know, since you talked about how important it was for me to spend time with my parents that maybe you were thinking of reaching out to Sarette. Your dad would probably be happy about that.” Sebastian pretty much never brought up Ava’s biological mother since it was a sore point, but desperate times. It wasn’t like he could tell her the truth, that he’d thought she wanted to divorce him. He couldn’t let her know he was still that insecure.

Ava nodded. “I know my relationship with Sarette, that’s something I need to think about, deal with, at some point, I guess. Right now though, I just want to focus on us, on building a family of our own. If that’s something you want?”

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