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Episode 103: Who I Am

"Weíre having yet another quiet paper plates anniversary. Itís something about kids on their way to college buy old cars or something and thereís a lot of extra work so we canít go a block down the street," Justine complained, doing bad origami with her cloth napkin.

"Hmm, who knew that deep down you werenít a KFC kind of girl? What happened to your fight the power thing? Has Katherine been dangling diamonds over your head?" Sebastian wasnít in the mood for anyoneís whining except his own.

"I really donít need that from you too, and since when do you call her Katherine?"

At first the only answer she got from her brother was a modified shrug. "Look, hasnít it occurred to you that sheís holding out the olive branch to bust up your marriage, I donít get how dad is the only bad guy- itís hypocritical."

"Okay, Iím the hypocrite! So tell me, have you dumped your little science project yet like you said you were going to?" Justine lashed back at him. She began buttering a dinner roll that she had no intention of devouring. When he seemed speechless it woke his sister out of her self-consumption. "Oh god Bassie, youíre not an in love guy and that girl so is, you can see it in her eyes- you should have stopped this before it started,"

Sebastian took a gulp of cola. "I think you have too much time to watch soap operas, not everything is that dramatic you know, besides maybe Iíll surprise you."

"And maybe Quentin will buy me something from Harry Winston for our anniversary."

Episode 104: I Heard A Rumor

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