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Episode 1028: Poison

“You’re home,” Ava said from the sofa as she closed the laptop on the coffee table. “I didn’t wait for dinner, I’m sorry. You never said when you’d be back and it didn’t seem like the best idea to have my brain malfunctioning due to hunger while I order for the store. I did make you a plate though.”

“I already ate actually,” he said, dropping down beside her. Shelby, their faithful old cat climbed up and settled across his legs, purring as he ran his fingers between her her ears. Shelby apparently didn’t sense anything strange from him, unlike Ava, who thought something felt off.

“It wasn’t planned,” Sebastian said, “still, I should have let you know not to go to any trouble for dinner. I just, like I said, it wasn’t planned.”

“It’s okay. It’s just pasta and salad. You could have it tomorrow for lunch, so not a big deal.” There was something disconcerting about her husband’s behavior though, something not quite right about her husband’s behavior, an unease she didn’t like.

“So, she said, running increasingly sweaty palms over her thighs. “You never did say in your message where you were going to be tonight. Did Lila need help prepping for one of her events?”

Ava wanted to believe it was just her imagination that something was off and in fact, he’d just been preoccupied with something as innocent as assisting their friend.

“Yeah,” he shook his head. “I mean, no, I wasn’t with Lila, I went to see my dad.”

“Oh, he’d done the same thing she had earlier in the day, visited dad. Only she’d made his dad seem so off-limits that her husband had almost lied about visiting him. It should have hit her a long time ago how unfair that was, just because she had an issue with his dad, it didn’t mean her husband should be cut off from having a father.

“Did you have a nice talk?” She asked meeting as much enthusiasm as possible, trying to be okay with the idea of Sebastian spending time with someone so potentially poisonous.

Episode 1029: Family Matters

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