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Episode 1025: It's Gotta Be You

The bell jingled overhead announcing Sebastian’s arrival at the store with the craft supplies Ava had asked him to pick up during his morning off.

She’d called the house just as he’d been leaving to get his hair cut and do a few other errands. She’d been reluctant to infringe on his time off but she’d come up with an idea for a display in the store, and she’d sounded so eager to get started on it.

Navigating a giant craft store wasn’t his idea of a good time, but he liked being the one to make his wife happy so he’d picked up everything on her list even though ultimately it had taken so long that he’d had to wipe a visit with Lila off the list.

Though he wasn’t all that upset about having to scratch meeting up with Lila since he was pretty sure it would go much the same way as it had anytime Lila had asked to meet in recent months. She’d want to know why his plan hadn’t worked yet, why Xavier hadn’t left town yet.

Sebastian didn’t want to talk about it. Just thinking about it made him want to throw something, specifically, throw Xavier. But unfortunately skipping out on the Lila firing squad didn’t spare him from that frustrated I’d like to throttle the guy feeling.

As Bas made his way through the store to the children’s section where Ava had planned to build the display, figuring he’d find her there mapping it all out, he just hadn’t figured Xavier would be there, mapping it out with her.

Maybe he should have though since the guy had a knack for being at the store when Bas wasn’t, it hadn’t felt like a coincidence for quite a while now. Sebastian closed his eyes for a moment and took a breath to stave off any ideas of firing craft supplies at Xavier’s head.

He stepped forward and cleared his throat. “Hey, so I got everything you asked for,” he said. “If you needed help putting it together I would have been happy to do that, too, you didn’t need to call someone in.”

“Oh, I didn’t,” Ava replied. “He just stopped in to pick up a book his, um, Lucy had ordered. He saw me doing some sketches of what I want to do for the display so I was just explaining it to him.”

Bas nodded. And nodded. His wife couldn’t seem to refer to Lucy as Xavier’s girlfriend. Lucy couldn’t pick up her own damn book. “Great. It’s great that you have someone else to bounce ideas off of.”

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