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Episode 1023: Do What You Want

Tansy took out a plate for the chocolate chip cookies and poured two glasses of strawberry milk per her younger brother’s request. Hero had decided they were studying together even though he was far too little for that and instead of textbooks he had a stack of kid books he’d been flipping through.

She enjoyed his company and he managed to stay quiet enough for her to get things done, but he also had an instinct for when she needed an energy boost and break from her homework.

So Tansy had been in good spirits fixing their snack until she turned around, tray in hand and saw her parents come into the kitchen giving off a we’re here to corner you vibe. And Tansy didn’t even know what to feel defensive over, she didn’t know why they would do that, she couldn’t think of anything she’d done wrong lately.

“Do you have time to talk, just for a minute?” Her mom asked.

Her dad spread a bunch of pamphlets out on the table.

Tansy ran her gaze over the pamphlets, some of them for classes at the college, for camps and other activities that looked like stuff that was kind of up her alley.

“These are for me?” Tansy asked.

Her mom nodded.

Her dad said, “Things are going well at the garage lately and for your mom’s job, too. We have a little extra money right now and we want to treat you to something special, maybe classes or something else that might help with your future goals and look good for your college applications.”

“Or since you already work and study so hard,” her mom said, “you could take a break and try out some totally fun, frivolous activity instead. It’s totally up to you, you have our support no matter what.”

“Exactly, we want to reward you for being such a great kid,” her dad said.

They wanted her so busy that she didn’t have time to work for her grandpa, Tansy figured. Nope. Not happening. “I’m thinking about volunteering more like I used to, and working with Grandpa is the perfect extracurricular to combine that with since he’ll give me time to do that if I ask, so really I have a lot going on. But I bet Hero would love to take some kind of lesson or sport or you guys could treat yourselves to something since you never do. But I’m good, thanks.”

Episode 1024: More Than That

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