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Episode 1020: Drag Me Down

“Fortuitous timing,” Phillip Marques said.

“Is it?” Justine asked. Of course it bothered her that she hated bumping into her father. She wanted her parents in her life, but they had burned too many bridges with her, had shown zero respect for her husband and pretty much all the other choices she’d made without or against their council.

So instead of stopping to say hello or exchange pleasantries she didn’t feel instead of allowing an encounter with him drag down her entire day, Justine kept walking as if he hadn’t been there on the sidewalk.

It was a pretty day, the sun shining, like spring had already sprung and Justine had decided early that morning to take advantage of the weather and get in some exercise. She’d looked forward to breathing in the fresh air and feeling the sun on her face and she wasn’t going to let her father’s presence change those plans, force her to take a car to get away from him.

“Justine,” her father said, locking step with her. “We need to have a conversation.”

“I have a meeting. Adria’s expecting me. I don’t have time to stop and chat.”

“Adria won’t mind if you’re late.”

“She would mind. She runs a business whether it’s your idea of a business or not.”

“I didn’t realize your meeting with Adria was professional, I meant no disrespect. It’s just that I do have an urgent matter to discuss with you and I’m sure if you explain that to Adria-”

“I’m not explaining anything to Addie. She’s counting on me to do my job. And given that you’ve had nothing to say to me for a very long time, I’m not putting my day on hold for you.”

Justine hurried her pace but her father kept stride. He asked, “would you put your day on hold for your daughter?”

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