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Episode 1012: I Want You Back

Adria led Miranda as quickly as she could by the hand into her office. She knew it was good that her daughter wanted to use her legs rather than be carried around all the time, it just wasn’t great timing with Adria running late.

Ryley had his own important meeting that morning so he couldn’t take Miranda with him, not that his meeting was more important than Adria’s, it was just that the person he was meeting with just wasn’t as likely to be tolerant of a child’s presence.

In fact, Adria thought Miranda’s presence might help her situation, mitigate the strained feelings. Tardiness, however, wasn’t getting things off to the best start.

“I’m so sorry to keep you waiting, Javi,” Adria said, releasing Miranda’s hand. Adria headed straight for her desk where she had pastries she’d bought with the intention of buttering up her former chief financial officer.

Miranda, on the other hand, headed straight for Javier on the sofa. He set down his coffee and shook Miranda’s outstretched hand while she said, “hi, Javi.”

He asked about the little girl’s holidays and when Miranda said she was sad Christmas had ended, Javier pulled a prettily wrapped package out of the bag at his feet. “I never had the chance to give you this before… Well, Merry Christmas, Miranda, it’s from my partner David and I.”

Miranda squealed with delight and gratitude over the thick coloring book and huge collection of crayons presented with it.

“Thank you for that,” Adria said as Miranda scurried off to her favorite corner to color away. “I know we’re probably not your favorite family right now.”

“I have no issue with Miranda or Ryley.”

Adria cringed since obviously he was saying he still took issue with Adria.

Episode 1013: Shame

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