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Episode 1011: Changes

“Come see, come see,” Miranda implored her mom in a way that suggested the imploring had gone on for quite sometime.

“I’m sorry, baby, daydreaming again when I should be paying attention to you.” Adria stood up from the sofa and joined her little girl and husband in front of the fireplace where they’d been crafting a banner to hail the new year.

Ryley had written New Year while Miranda had supplied an explosion of sequins, glitter, and glue.

“That looks awesome,” Adria said. “We’re going to have the best New Year’s celebration tonight.” The plan was to do an early ringing in with Miranda since she’d never last until midnight and then later, Adria and Ryley would have some quiet romantic time to celebrate the holiday as well as the anniversary of the night they’d met.

“Sweetie, how about a nap after all that work on the banner. You want to be rested for our celebration,” Riley told their girl.

“I do, I do,” Miranda agreed. “But I’m not sleepy, so-”

“I’ll read you a story then you sleep, no arguments, okay?”


Father took daughter by the hand leading the way to Miranda’s room in their rental cabin. As they went, Ryley purposely loud, added, “while you sleep, mom’s going to think about undoing the thing that might help her feel less distracted.”

“No, I’m not,” Adria called back, determined to stand her ground. It wasn’t that she and Ryley were arguing, he just believed that in the end she would be more miserable this way than she had been the other way.

She opened her laptop for the millionth time, again determined to find an easy instant solution so she might just go ahead and actually enjoy what little remained of the holidays. She’d felt like the rest of the month had passed in a blur, too busy working, trying to make it work, which, well, hadn’t been working. Especially not on Christmas Day when she’d barely acknowledged her daughter. She wasn’t proud of that. She didn’t want it to happen again, it had reminded her too much of her own childhood, so did firing someone because he had disagreed with her, a move her dad totally would have made.

Adria pressed her face into her hands.

Episode 1012: I Want You Back

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