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Episode 1000: Boyfriend

“You really don’t have to help with this,” Caroline told Jesse as she glued another white sequin to the white cape.

“He has to help,” Abby, Caroline’s little sister insisted. “If he doesn’t help we won’t get ready in time and I’ll miss tricks or treats.”

“Well, if that happens then I guess it will be lesson learned not to change your mind fifty times before you finally settle on something at the last minute.”

“But it’s hard to pick,” Abby argued, her lower lip jutting out in a pout. “I didn’t know I wanted to be a snow queen until today. There are so many things to be, it’s not my fault I didn’t know until Halloween day.”

Abby swiped at her eyes to staunch the tears that threatened to spill over. Caroline hoped the glue was as kid friendly as the packaging promised since Abby’s little hands were covered in glue from her hurried and ongoing adventures in covering an old pair of white canvas sneakers in white sequins.

“I don’t wanna miss Halloween,” Abby pleaded. “I didn’t mean to choose so late. It was just so hard.”

Helpless at the mercy of her sister’s sad little face and voice, Caroline said, “it’s okay. You and I will just work extra hard and extra fast to get it done.” This didn’t leave much time given that the sun was already going down, but in college, cramming had become a way of life for Caroline so if she thought of the costume in the same terms as a test she absolutely had to pass maybe they’d get it done without a third pair of hands. Maybe.

“We can’t ask Jesse to stay though,” she warned her sister. “No sad puppy eyes in his direction, okay? This is our project, our responsibility. Jesse has his own things to do like study or go to one of the billion parties happening tonight.”

Jesse cleared his throat. “I haven’t had a lot of opportunities in my life to make a sparkly fairy wand so I’d like to see this all the way through. Plus, with my brother claiming to be over Halloween this year, hanging with you two might be my only shot at free jelly beans.”

“You’re sure?” Caroline asked. “I don’t want you to feel guilted into throwing your whole night away.”

“I’m happy to help. Partying has never really been my scene.”

Abby flew to his side and threw her arms around him saying thank you after thank you when Caroline’s phone rang.

“I’ll just take this in the kitchen, then I’ll be back super quick to help make the big push to get this snow queen show on the road.”

Jesse’s heart sank a bit watching Caroline go, knowing who she was about to talk to.

“You’re Caro’s best boyfriend,” Abby declared. She flopped onto her stomach on the carpet one more setting to work on the shoes.

“I’m not her boyfriend anymore, Abs.”

“Should be.”

Episode 1001: If I Were A Boy

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