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Episode 100: What A Good Boy

"Do you think Mr. and Mrs. Jordan are going to tell your father that they saw us at that restaurant?" Ava asked leaning her head against his shoulder as they sat on a soft blanket at the top of the cliff.

"Letís not talk about any family stuff," he answered raising her chin with his hand to center in on her lips. He slowly lowered her back with his kisses until she pushed him up slightly with her palm. "Iím a quick thinker Iíll just make something up if he asks, besides I donít care right now anyway," he insisted removing her hand and closing in once again.

Ava scooted up balanced on her elbows and bumping him off onto his side. "Ok... Iíve never actually..."

"I figured." He smiled brightly, brushing the hair off of her neck.

She bolted all the way up batting his arm away. "What exactly does that mean? I figured? What? Youíve been with eighteen thousand girls so you have some sort of radar?" Avalon had inadvertently spent all night looking for something wrong and she pounced on it with a vengeance. She stormed off down the trail through the dark, barely able to see.

"Oh my god, you just get crazier every minute-" he stumbled picking up the blanket and dropped the flashlight twice before he was able to go after her. "Avalon- Ava!"

He released everything from his hands about half way down and finally caught up with her leaning against his car. He gave her a quick kiss on the bridge of her nose almost laughing he was so out of breath. When she didnít turn her face he took that as a sign of good faith. His mouth hovered above her pink lips as he whispered "I- it would be my honor."

Episode 101: Me And My Shadow

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