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Episode Six: It's My Life

"Dan or Prof. Dan whatever youíre comfortable with and yes, I do wear boxers," The Professor was a regular Gilligan survivor. His jeans and corduroy sport coat were trying way too hard.

Sebastian groaned, sinking further into his wooden seat.

"Hey man, it could be worse."

Bas let his head fall lazily back and saw a guy who upside down was a close pass for Jet Li in bad lighting. He faced forward again, arms tightly crossed. Most of his friends were in Europe now or the Ivy League and he wasnít intending on sticking around either.

"We have a couple minutes; how about we get to know everybody." Dan scanned the class list. "Marques, Sebastian. So, stand up and tell us what brought you to my funhouse?"

Bas stood slowly as though getting out of a warm comforter for the first time that morning.

"I told you it could get worse."

Sebastian grinned unexpectedly like the devil was crawling in his veins. "How did I get here? I was minding my own business, dodging the draft, and then my father pulled me back over the border and put a gun to my left temple."

"Are you a comedian or do you just take Holden Caulfield a wee bit too seriously?" Dan asked to a chorus of laughter, though he was staid. "Thereís the exit if you want it."

Bas was a game player; it was the only fun he could see. "You can never take Holden too seriously."

Episode Seven: Everywhere I Turn

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