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Episode Five: I Try

"Please donít look at me, I feel so stupid," she said, her legs stretched out across aisle four. Bowie sank to the floor beside her, wiped a leftover tear from her cheek and then stared dead ahead as directed.

"If I felt stupid every time I let Lila get to me Iíd never be able to show my face, Iíd have to be like that Lamont Cranston guy," he confessed and Avalon gave him a little smile before resting her head on his shoulder.

"Hmm, The Shadow, I love when they put those old shows on the radio. It makes everything seem so simple you know, like you could snap your fingers and disappear into thin air. Invisibility would be the best super power;" Ava mused in a tired voice.

"What will Sebastian do all those empty nights without you?" Bowie laughed.

"Oh donít remind me, okay maybe Iíll change my power to make him disappear," she thought for a minute. "What is with that name Sebastian anyway? It sounds like he should wear ascots for a living."

Bowie didnít make a sound and Ava knew his face had fallen without even looking. She put her hand on top of his.

"Sebastian is music to Lilaís ears." He frowned.

"Love just makes everything so wonderful, huh? Whatever would we do without the chance to go swimming in razor blades day after day?" Avalon saw no trace of a grin. "Sweetie, you need to get away from her."

"I know."

Episode Six: It's My Life

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