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Episode Four: Fallen Angel

Bowie was the most infuriating man on earth; he made a girl wish she’d been born a lesbian. Sometimes he just made her want to scream so bad that-

"Why are you here so early, they fire you again?" Lila’s Aunt Cherie dropped her drink tray on the bar and stood impatiently by her niece.

"No they didn’t fire me, I told you; Bowie’s parents like me." Lila raised her voice to be heard over the throwback rock and roll.

"Yeah well, they know you’re that boy’s only hope," Cherie nodded her frosted blond curls toward the back room. "Don’t keep Jesse waiting; he doesn’t need to be here any longer than he has to be."

"I know, I just thought I’d breath for a minute-"

"Go get the boy Lila and take him on home so I can get on with earning the rent money," Cherie ordered like one of those boot camp guys on Sally Jessy.

Lick my feet Lila! Don’t hurt Princess Ava! She wasn’t anybody’s ugly stepsister and she wouldn’t let Bowie or Cherie pretend that she was.

She learned to walk like Naomi Campbell without thinking. Knowing men’s eyes stalked her as she weaved her way through the crowd made her feel like a star. Someone grabbed her wrist and pulled her backwards, maybe she should have been scared.

"You know I feel like dancing, do you feel like dancing?" Lila tugged at the perfect stranger in blue jeans until she was snuggled up close. Another of her publicity stunts, as Cherie would call it.

Sure enough a second later Cherie shoved Jesse, pajamas and all, between the smoldering couple. Jesse was male repellent to everyone except Bowie.

Episode Five: I Try

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