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Episode One: The First Taste

Avalon buried herself in elbow grease. Even on her worst days she would never pack eggs at the bottom of the bag. She faked happiness when people returned half-eaten grapes. Occasionally she drew the line.

"Could I have a toothy grin with that beautiful?"

"Not in my lifetime sunshine." Avalon replied tartly, lowering her chocolate eyes to the novel resting in her lap.

Sebastian had been dancing around her for weeks. One of those people who jump up and down in front of palace guards for the kick of it. Bas had the glow, that Jude Law "Iíll take you to mountaintops only to leave you stranded there" glow.

"Nice." He leaned in closer. "Oprah pushing anything decent, maybe I know it?"

"I doubt it Keanu." Avaís fingers clutched her dog-eared copy of The Bell Jar. The pages were like the big earthquake everyone says is coming, the one that points out the little tremors.

"Very clever Estella but I have the tin manís heart." He deadpanned.

"I thought The Firm was magic, magical really!" Lila burst in. Bowie was watching her. He was always watching Lila with his jungles and jungles of lashes.

Bas gave Ava a cheeky smile that was nearly enough to break her frown. She blinked studying the loop of pearls around her wrist. She looked up and he had already vanished like some dastardly kind of Lone Ranger.

Episode Two: Invisible

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