Boomtown- Biography:
Nina Garbiras / Andrea Little

Character Name: Andrea Little (2002- 2003)

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About the actor:

Commenting on her role as a tough, big-city reporter, Nina Garbiras says, “I’m attracted to Andrea because she’s smart, articulate, and headstrong – which makes her an interesting character to play.” Garbiras was born in New York City and grew up in New York and San Francisco. After completing her undergraduate degree in psychology at the University of Santa Clara in California, Garbiras studied classical French theater at L’Ecole de Claude Mathieu in Paris.

Garbiras’ professional career on the stage began with a few small productions in Paris. From there, she went to London and worked in fringe theater, appearing in “Prison’d in a Parlor,” “Waking Beauty,” “Fire Raisers” and “Spike Heels.” Garbiras returned to New York where she understudied the roles of Josie and Sammi in the Broadway production of “Proposals.”

From the stage, Garbiras segued into independent films including “Mixing Nia” and “Guy’s Guide to Marrying Money.” Her feature-film credits also include the critically acclaimed “You Can Count on Me” and “Bruiser.” Garbiras’ television credits include series regular stints as Alexandra Brill on “The $treet” and as Beth Greenway on “Leap Years.”

When not filming NBC’s “Boomtown” in Los Angeles, Garbiras lives in New York with her Jack Russell terrier.