Big Apple


This is a little dictionary to help everyone understand what the characters are saying on the show. Some are obvious and some are not so obvious.
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  1. Ankle grabbing- bigoted term for male homosexual sex

  2. Big Apple- New York City

  3. Cheese Eaters- Internal Affairs Bureau (I.A.B.) Officers

  4. Collar- someone who’s been arrested

  5. Degas- degenerates

  6. Daygos- (racist) term for Italians

  7. D.O.A.- dead on arrival

  8. Flipped- A criminal switches sides & works for the cops

  9. Going/gone cold- an unsolved case that has no more leads

  10. Guiney- (racist) term for Italians

  11. F.B.I.- Federal Bureau of Investigation

  12. He/She looks good for it- there is evidences he/she has committed the crime

  13. I like him/her for it- there is evidence and/or a hunch that him/her has committed the crime

  14. I.A.B.- Internal Affairs Bureau (of the Police)

  15. Mouse in The House- I.A.B. Officer at the police squad’s precinct

  16. Mr. Mouse- I.A.B. Officer

  17. Muke- racist name for an Italian

  18. N.Y.P.D.- New York Police Department

  19. O.R.- own recognizance

  20. Rat Squad- Internal Affairs Bureau (I.A.B.)

  21. Spade- (racist) term for Black people

  22. Spud Eaters- (racist) term for Irish people

  23. Staging Area- place where a takedown is coordinated

  24. Takedown- a bust/arrest by the law

  25. The House- police squad’s precinct

  26. The Stink- Cops make it look like a criminal has turned on his friends

  27. They did some job on him/her- victim was brutally beaten and/or killed

  28. Whacked- killed

  29. Wop- racist name for an Italian